India Sustainability Leadership Summit (ISLS) 2019

Now is the time – embracing solutions that transform our future choices

12 June 2019 | Hyatt Regency, Sahar Airport Road, Mumbai

About Summit

Our choices of the past have left the world today ridden with the most pressing challenges of all times – the rising socio-economic disparities among people, the global health risks, the mounting pressure on earth’s finite resources, besides others and the greatest of all - climate change. With these unprecedented challenges glaring in its face, the world today needs new and robust solutions that are innovative and disruptive. The resource-intensive and unsustainable production and consumption patterns of yesterday can "no longer sustain the world of today".

One of the key challenges of sustainable development is that it demands new and innovative choices and ways of thinking. While developments in knowledge and technology are contributing to economic development, they also have the potential to help resolve the risks and threats to the sustainability of our social relations, environment, and economies. New knowledge and innovations in technology, management, and public policy are challenging organizations to make new choices in the way their operations, products, services, and activities impact the earth, people, and economies.

The urgency and magnitude of the risks and threats to our collective sustainability, alongside increasing choice and opportunities, will make transparency about economic, environmental, and social impacts a fundamental component in effective stakeholder relations, investment decisions, and other market relations. To support this expectation, and to communicate clearly and openly about sustainability, a globally shared framework of concepts, consistent language, and metrics is required.

Recognizing the need to urgently shift to sustainable and resilient models of growth, nations across the world adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, in the year 2015, committing to the challenge of delivering enhanced human well-being, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, while preserving the planet and its finite resources. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, through its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, calls upon the nations to take bold steps that transform their future choices. On one hand, there are immense challenges in the realization of these goals and targets, but on the other, the current times also provide greater opportunities to leverage innovative approaches and disruptive models to achieve these goals. The Sustainable Development Goals encourage us to critically rethink our current approaches to tackle the social, economic and environmental challenges on the road to 2030. Increased emphasis will now be on developing and transitioning to economic systems that delivers enhanced human well-being through sustainable consumption of primary resources.

While the Governments will have the primary responsibility for implementation, follow-up and review of their progress at national, state and regional levels, the role of businesses cannot be undermined in steering and shaping this transition. The 2030 Agenda recognizes the role of the ‘diverse private sector, ranging from micro-enterprises to cooperatives to multinationals,’ in realization of the outlined goals and targets.

With this background, the 2019 edition of the India Sustainability Leadership Summit themed "Now is the time – embracing solutions that transform our future choices" explores the imperatives of innovative solutions and business models for addressing sustainability challenges in emerging economies, in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The day-long Summit will comprise a mix of sessions providing industry and academic perspectives on the theme and its relevance in the context of India - a developing economy - along with providing hands-on experience on real time situations and sustainability challenges; and engaging the participants in devising practical and effective solutions and business models addressing these challenges.

The Plenary Session "Will India develop business models that decouple economic growth and human well-being from ever increasing consumption of natural resources and the resulting impacts?" will deliberate on the imperatives of solutions and business models that decouple economic growth and human well-being from the unsustainable production and consumption patterns of yesterday.

The Session – "Peer Learning: Practices that Matter - sustainability at work" will provide perspectives and engage participants in articulating the key learning from some of the sustainability practices of companies from various sectors.

The Session – Do-It-Yourself: "How can I make my business embrace the principles of circular economy?" will emphasize on developing the understanding of participants on the principles of circular economy and their application to real-time situations and challenges through simulation exercises and group work.

The Session – "Solutions Exchange: the changing landscape, emerging trends and drivers" will provide perspectives on the emerging trends in sustainability and the imperatives for businesses to align their philosophies and practices to these emerging trends in the context of evolving socio-economic, environmental and policy landscape at international, national and regional levels.

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