Sustainability 4.0 Awards

To assist adoption of sustainable development practices in the organizations and recognize the efforts of front runners through a healthy benchmarking process.

The term “Sustainability” which was perceived as fascination has now become a differentiating factor for businesses. By launching the tenth edition of Sustainability 4.0 Awards, we intend to have large number of companies moving towards a structured sustainability agenda.

Partnering with TERI has further fostered our commitment and action plan on this journey.

I hereby take this opportunity to personally invite you to be part of this exciting assessment, improvement and recognition program.

- Mr. Y.S. Shashidhar, Managing Director & Partner, Frost & Sullivan

Success breeds more success and nothing amplifies successful behavior more than recognition in a framework of aspiration. We at TERI are proud to partner with Frost & Sullivan in this initiative to recognize best practices in sustainability.

The Sustainability 4.0 Awards reflect our common commitment to provide a measurable and verifiable framework for sustainability, and to honor the efforts of businesses to meet and to better these benchmarks.

We look forward to have you with us on this journey, which would lead to a better future for all of us.

- Dr. Ajay Mathur, Director General, TERI

About Program

The “Sustainability 4.0 Awards” is designed to honor the efforts made by companies who actively integrate sustainability principles into their business culture. We believe such organizations along with economic value creation also contribute to healthy ecosystems and stronger community.

The awards platform instituted in 2009 has evolved in its scope and boundary ever since its inception. It has been through a series of transformation in the scope of assessment, sector coverage and the program title itself.

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Program Enablers

Step-By-Step Approach


Submission of Application Form and Self-Assessment Docket (SADOC)

31st JAN, 2019

Screening of the application documents by the committee

15th FEB, 2019

Assessment team visits the facility and maps the maturity on the Sustainability Excellence Model

15th FEB, 2019 - 30th APR, 2019

An executive summary with industry comparisons and opportunities for improvement will be shared to the facility


The committee shall review the companies qualified for awards and finalize the award map

MAY, 2019

Winner’s and Qualifiers shall be felicitated at the S4.0 2019 awards banquet

12th JUN, 2019

Program – Key Features

  • Transparent and rigorous assessment process based on our Sustainability 4.0 Framework. 1
  • Evaluation criteria’s and checkpoints predefined to build objectivity 2
  • Different weightage for subparameters based on the criticality and relevance to industry. 3
  • Assessment team comprises of sustainability professionals from Frost & Sullivan, TERI and Industry Experts. 4
  • Overall scores for the facility arrived on-site. 5
  • Feedback report highlighting current performance and improvement opportunities submitted post the assessment 6

Application Fees

Participation Categories Application Fees Assessment Fees (Independent Location) Assessment Fees (Corporate) Safety Assessment Fees
Emerging Business Annual Sales
<= INR 100 Cr
INR 45,000 INR 1,65,000 INR 2,45,000 INR 1,10,000
Medium Business Annual Sales
INR 100 Cr and < = INR 500 Cr
INR 70,000 INR 2,70,000 INR 3,65,000 INR 1,75,000
Large Business Annual Sales
> INR 500 Cr and <= INR 2000 Cr
INR 70,000 INR 3,65,000 INR 4,55,000 INR 2,20,000
Mega Large Business Annual Sales
> INR 2000 Cr
INR 95,500 INR 4,32,000 INR 5,50,000 INR 2,75,000
* The fees is exclusive of GST @ 18%
* Under corporate nominations, 60% of the facilities (by number or sales revenue) will be considered for site visit. The awards review team will decide on the facilities to be shortlisted for site visit.

Sectors Eligible To Participate


Henkel Adhesive Technologies India Private Limited

The ‘Leaders Award’ was bestowed on Henkel India was based on a robust and comprehensive assessment. This bears testimony to our year-on-year improvement, and our contribution to Sustainability.

– Mr. Bappa Bandyopadhyay, Director - Operations & Projects, Henkel Adhesives Technologies India Private Limited
Rosa Power Supply Company

We had a very enlightening experience during the course of assessment. The highly systematic approach adopted at various stages of assessment was a good learning for all our team members for structure based implementation of the initiatives.

– Mr. B S Prasad, Station Director, Rosa Power Supply Co Limited, Shahjahanpur, UP
L & T Hydrocarbon Engineering

The assessment outcome has been a source of value addition for us with respect to identification of our improvement areas while outlining a roadmap toward being a more sustainable organization.

- Mr. Sanjay Kothary, Vice President - Corporate Services Center, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering
Hindalco Industries Limited

Frost & Sullivan and TERI assessment is very methodical, robust, in-depth, and is based on a well-defined framework. It is also very structured and covers the key business sustainability parameters – Purpose, Partnership, Planet and People, quite comprehensively.

- Dr. PK Banerjee, President & CTO, Hindalco Industries Ltd.
Bharat Aluminium Company Limited

It is indeed a matter of pride to have been recognized at the highest level for this award. What it confirms to us is that we have the right technology and strategies towards sustainability and the skills to successfully pursue them.

- Mr. Krishna V. Kulkarni, Head HSE, Bharat Aluminium Company Ltd.

Safety Excellence Awards 2016

Tata Motors Limited

The Safety Excellence assessment was meticulous and intensive. Receiving such a prestigious award is a fantastic endorsement for our organization.

- Mr. Arvind Bodhankar, Corporate Head – HSE & Sustainability, Tata Motors Ltd.
ITC Limited

It is indeed a matter of pride for us to be recognized as the “Sustainable Factory of the Year 2017”, thereby reinforcing our commitment to Sustainability.

– Mr. Nirmallya Ghosal, Branch Manager, ITC Limited, Bengaluru
Mahindra & Mahindra Limited

The summary of the assessment results helped us to gauge our standing vis-à-vis peer companies. It was a good experience, and helped us to refine our strategy for progressing onward in our Sustainability Journey.

- Mr. Vijay Kalra - CEO, Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers Limited and CMO, Automotive Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited
Genpact India

The assessment process was in-depth and we received a great deal of insights as well as identified areas of improvement which will certainly help us progress towards the next level of excellence.

- Mr. Shyamashis Brahma, Global Leader Projects & Engineering, EHS & Sustainability, Genpact India
Tata Motors Ltd.

The Safety Excellence assessment was meticulous and intensive. The assessment provided us valuable insights about our unit and was a complete learning experience Receiving such a prestigious award is a fantastic endorsement for our organization. The award has also significantly raised the profile of our unit regionally and nationally.

- Mr. Arvind Bodhankar,Corporate Head – HSE & Sustainability, Tata Motors Ltd.
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited - Mumbai Refinery

Frost & Sullivan and TERI have a robust and systematic process of assessing organizations and institutions under the Sustainability 4.0 Awards Framework. It was indeed a great learning experience, which will enrich and assist us further in excelling in the domain of Sustainability.

- Mr. C. J. Iyer, General Manager (I/C) - Mumbai Refinery, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
NTPC Limited

The assessment team is extremely knowledgeable, and has a systematic approach and well-defined framework. It was a privilege to interact with the team members and learn many managerial traits and framework during the assessment process.

- Sh. D. K. Sood, Executive Director (CSR, R&R, SD), NTPC Ltd.


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